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Caron cares logo The AWARD WINNING, dementia assistance cards, and labels provide a clear, concise way for someone with dementia or memory loss to ask for help in public.

The cards share the name and contact number of a relative, friend, or care home, in the event of an emergency.

Carer's cards are also available, discreetly explaining, the person they are with has dementia or other illness that might cause confusion or for someone to become disorientated.

These cards cost £15.00 for a set of 4 personalised ones and 2 carer ones (explanation cards)
The cost includes manufacture and packing and postage in the UK. For Europe and further afield please email me for costs. My email is

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Caron cares dementia assistance card
Your data is not collected nor shared to third parties.
I have dementia I have memory problems Companion card 2299
1 card     4 cards     8 labels    
8 mirror image cards. Make clothing labels using iron-on transfer paper

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Who is behind this service?

Caron Sprake (UK)
An award winning eldercare blogger ( and campaigner for care of the elderly.

Dima Tsvetkov (Finland)
Full time web developer with some side projects:
One of them is Get ICE card service, that inspired us in this project.

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