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Caron cares logo The AWARD WINNING, dementia assistance cards, and labels provide a clear, concise way for someone with dementia or memory loss to ask for help in public.

The cards share the name and contact number of a relative, friend, or care home, in the event of an emergency.

Carer's cards are also available, discreetly explaining, the person they are with has dementia.

FREE TO MAKE AT HOME and I can make them for you. I charge £12 for 4 personalised ones, 2 designed for key fobs, lanyards(included), handbags etc and 2 for wallets. I also send 2 carers cards. Price includes P&P. Please contact me for payment details.

Email with the name of the person with dementia, the name of the emergency contact and their number. Lastly, I need the address to post them to.

They are editable online, available 24/7 and have been translated by volunteers, into 10 other languages.

These cards are receiving amazing feedback from people with dementia, their relatives, and the emergency services, a donation is always welcome but never expected. This project was self-funded.

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Caron cares dementia assistance card
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I have dementia I have memory problems Companion card 1982
1 card     4 cards     8 labels    
8 mirror image cards. Make clothing labels using iron-on transfer paper

Create, print, cut, care!
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Who is behind this service?

Caron Sprake (UK)
An award winning eldercare blogger ( and campaigner for care of the elderly.

Dima Tsvetkov (Finland)
Full time web developer with some side projects:
One of them is Get ICE card service, that inspired us in this project.

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